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For management of users, groups, shares, domains, computers
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Hyena is an administrative tool for Windows NT, XP, 2000, and 2003 systems. Its principal functions are Active Directory integration; server management; user management; service monitoring and control; event management; job and task scheduling; printer management; disk and file administration and reporting and exporting.

Hyena depends upon the operating system for security and authentication. In the main window the information is split in two fields; on the left side the program displays the information about the local workstation and the domain that it is currently logged in to - these are arranged in a hierarchical tree-styled format with small "plus" icons allowing you to expand the objects. The information about a selected object is displayed in a list on the right side.

The main objects of the left side are: Drives, Local connections, users, local groups, printers, shares, sessions, open files, services, devices, events, disk space, user rights, performance, schedule jobs, registry, and WMI. Right-clicking on an object from the left or right side will display a specific context menu.

Terminal server integration features are only available in the Enterprise Edition. For Windows 2000/2003 domains, Microsoft Administration Tools (AdminPak) are required. The price stated is for a single user; check the "buy URL" for more details.

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  • It combines many administrative functions such as User Manager, Server Manager, File Manager/Explorer, and many of the Microsoft Management Console components from Windows 2000/2003 in a single program


  • With Windows NT 4.0, Hyena is unable to support remote Active Directory operations
  • The trial version works only for 30 days
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